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Duration: 8-9 hours

Moroccan cuisine is sometimes called the best cuisine of the world. This is due to the variety of spices and a lot of fresh ingredients. It is a combination of Berber, African, Arabian and South European cuisine.

We will prepare our dishes in a family home in Tassa Ouirgane, a Berber village in the mountains, on 1300m, at the entrance to the Toubkal National Parc, where you also have the opportunity to learn how to make bread the traditional berber way and attend a tea ceremony.

To come to Tassa Ouirgane, mules are waiting for us and will take us all way up to the village in about 1 ½ hours. After lunch we will start our way back walking to Marigha, along the gardens and visit the wheat mill of the village.

*** On Saturdays there is also the possibility to buy all fresh ingredients we need for cooking on the weekly Berber market in Asni, where all people from the mountains in this area come to meet, talk, see a doctor and do the shopping for the family for the next week or two. We will have a stopover in Asni to visit the market and after shopping directly go to Tassa Ouirgane. The way back from to Marigha will be as described above.


Prices depend number of persons and type of vehicle. Do you need transport from Marrakech or are you already in the region? Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will submit our best offer as quickly as possible.

  • coffee


  • Moroccan Salad
  • Vegetables Soup
  • Zaalok (eggplant, tomatoes)

Main Course:

  • Vegetarian Tagine
  • Beldi chicken Tagine
  • Chicken Tagine with lemons and olives
  • Chicken Tagine Makfoul
  • Beef Tagine with plums and apricots


  • Oranges with cinnamon or fruits, according to season

Please let us know starter and main course upon booking!

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We will at your hotel in the Ouirgane area at 9 am and will be back at about 5.30 pm.

Times will be adapted in case we will pick you up in Marrakech.

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Don't forget sunglasses, sunscreen and wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes. Good trainers are required.

Please note that we are currently able to accept cash only.